WWII planes coming to North Bend

WWII planes coming to North Bend

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Bay area residents and World War II veterans will soon get the opportunity to take off back in time at the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport.

It's called the Wings of Freedom Tour, and it's coming to town thanks to Mr. Jeff Eberwein's aviation history class at Marshfield High School.

Jeff says there will be some pretty cool planes flying in for the event. "Our class has convinced them to visit here at North Bend," he said. "The Collings Foundation is an organization that flies around the country, and they take historic World War II aircrafts, a B-24, a B-17, a P-51 for people who know what they are."

And for those who don't, students are encouraging everyone to come see, learn and fly. "They can learn more about the history, what happened in World War II, and what the planes were used for," said Marshfield senior Nichole Bryant.

Amy McHaney is also a senior at the school, and says she can't wait to see the planes. "I'm so excited. I made a bet with my best friend that the propellers are bigger than I am," she said.

Jeff says he really hopes everyone in the south coast area will be able to come by and attend the event. "We would like everyone, especially veterans, to come out and enjoy these planes, for this is a once in a lifetime opportunity," he said.

The planes will be stationed at the airport June 10-12.

There will be an entry fee, but just to cover the cost of fuel.