This is Oregon: Wildlife management extends underwater

This is Oregon: Wildlife management extends underwater
Taylor Frierson diving near top of deep canyon, covered in Plumose anemones. Photo courtesy Ian Chun and Taylor Frierson

NEWPORT, Ore. - Tiny tags implanted in rockfish help state wildlife managers gather data to run the popular fishery.

Black rockfish one of the most commonly caught near-shore fish. Charter vessel skippers with knowledge of rocky reef structures take clients to rockfish fishing sites from Yaquina Head to Alsea Bay.

Since 2002, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff have tagged more than 30,000 black rockfish. Some 2,500 tags have been recovered - roughly 1 percent of all rockfish caught, ODFW said.

Crews spend 20 days at sea tagging fish. The work is done aboard a boat, but this collection of photos shows a recreational dive in rockfish habitat.