Mayor Piercy: 'We know it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs'

Mayor Piercy: 'We know it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore - Mayor Kitty Piercy addressed dozens of Eugene citizens Thursday night with the State of the City address at the Hult Center.

Mayor Piercy said the city's mission in 2012 is simple.

"We know it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs," Mayor Piercy said.

Mayor Piercy highlighted the successes of 2011.

The accomplishments include 43 million dollars in road repairs, the renovation of the Taco Time building, the Broadway Commerce building, and the Woolworth building.

However, Mayor Piercy said bringing down the unemployment rate is going to be a struggle.

"In Eugene our unemployment numbers may be slightly better than the state, the nation, or the county, but they still are way too high," Mayor Piercy said.

Mayor Piercy said the city will continue working with with the University of Oregon to create spin offs, train a new generation of workers, and keep Eugene's economy moving in the right direction.

Several folks at the meeting said Eugene faces big challenges but they like the mayor's vision.
"I think we're as good as anywhere else and even better than many places," Diane Hall, citizen of Eugene.

"I'm just really impressed that the community is trying to address the needs of many citizens in this area, including those who are less fortunate and those who are more fortunate and the idea of creating jobs," said Galina Groza, a citizen of Eugene.