Great Golf Getaways: Old Bandon Golf Links

Great Golf Getaways: Old Bandon Golf Links »Play Video

BANDON, Ore. - For more than a decade now, Bandon has been a household name when it comes to golf getaways.

Over the last few years, other courses have sprouted up in the area, turning the south coast of Oregon into a golfing mecca of sorts.

Troy Russell is a renaissance man. He has rejuvenated the former Westmost Golf Club in Bandon and renamed it Old Bandon Golf Links.

Russell is carving out his own niche with a unique nine hole golf experience found in very few places.

Probably the most intersting thing about Old Bandon Gold Links is you can take a trip back in time.

Using an Old Tom Morris club from the 1880s and a Gutta Percha Ball, you can play golf as it used to be.