Duck defense prepares for Bulldogs' spread offense

Duck defense prepares for Bulldogs' spread offense

EUGENE, OR - For the second straight week, the Ducks will host an unranked, non-conference opponent with a new head coach. This Saturday it's Fresno State and Tim DeRuyter.

Understanding that a lot of guys played against Arkansas State last Saturday, the Oregon defense was still disappointed in giving up 34 points to the Red Wolves.

Looking forward to Fresno State, the Oregon defense will be preparing for yet another spread offense. The difference this week being the Bulldogs prefer a vertical passing attack rather than a horizontal attack like Arkansas State.

"Arkansas State was going to dink and duck," said defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti. "They were going to throw the ball real quick and just get it out of the quarterback's hands and not allow us to get too much pressure. Fresno may have the same plan, but they have the guys to get down the field fast. The vertical passing game will be a big challenge for us."

"They spread the field out and try to get people down the field as fast as possible," said junior strong safety Brian Jackson. "What we were seeing on our film is that we're going to have to get down field and make plays on the ball. We as (defensive backs), that's what we're made to do and we're ready for the challenge."

The Bulldogs' offense is led by quarterback Derek Carr who can run as well as he can throw.

"He's elusive," said senior linebacker Michael Clay. "He looks pretty fast on film."

Carr completed 20 of 25 passes for 298 yards and two touchdowns last Saturday in Fresno State's 37-10 victory over Weber State.