Kaptivating Kidz: Cure for Lukas

Kaptivating Kidz: Cure for Lukas

Coos Bay 5-year-old Lukas Wiliker already had his tee ball season finale. His campaign cut short as he travels to Seattle Children's Hospital for a three week stay to try and knock his cancer out of the park.

The Pre-Kindergartner was diagnosed with Stage Four high-risk neueroblastoma in June of 2010.

After 12 rounds of radiation, five trips to chemotherapy, three surgeries and a stem cell transplant, yet it still lingers.

Doctors say Lukas is a miracle.

The amount of cancer in his body would strike out many but not him, just watch him dancing on third base, rooting on his buddies and laughing on the tee ball diamond. It's what kids are supposed to do.

In his final at bat of the Spring, #8 touched all four. A home run trot that led to a greeting at home plate by his teammates where he was lavished with love and hope.

You can follow Lukas' progress on his facebook fan page, Cure for Lukas.

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