Duck Baseball: Horton's On A Shoe

Duck Baseball: Horton's On A Shoe

You have heard of Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss but what about Horton's On A Shoe? 

Third year Oregon head coach George Horton is on the bottom of the Ducks' spikes.

In cooperation with the designers at Nike, junior pitchers Scott McGough and Tyler Anderson had a brilliant idea.

All of the Oregon's workout shoes have an image of Bill Bowerman (legendary Oregon Track & Field Coach and co-founder of Nike) on the inside and an "O" on the bottom of their shoes. So the guys thought, why not change it up a bit?

As soon as the guys pitched the thought of having a photo of their coach on their cleats, McGough said, "We started laughing at it right away and the Nike guys were laughing too and they loved the idea."

Anderson added, "It's our way of paying tribute to him and we think he's going to be a great coach with a great impact on Oregon baseball for the history of the program."

As for the dime-sized photo tribute, it's classic Horton.

 McGough, "We wanted to make him look like Coach Horton with his mustache."

There were other snapshot ideas tossed around.

"We almost went with an old school one with him with a dirty mustache and some chest hair," Anderson said.

Once Horton found out that it wasn't a joke, the two-time National Coach of the Year fully embraced the concept and was blown away that his players would hold him in such high regard.

"They wanted Coach Horton to be on the field with them when they were competing and it almost brings tear to my eye that they have that kind of respect and admiration for me and trust in me that they want to carry me with them," Horton said.

There are some rules when donning the face of your coach on your soles.

Anderson tossed in, "He just wanted to make sure we didn't step in any dog poop with it or spit on it or throw gum on the bottom."

At Oregon, the birth place of Nike, It's Gotta Be The Shoes.